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Arthur turned and glanced over at the new arrivals walking over toward them.

They sounded friendly, and looked friendly, and Bernadette was dealing with them pretty fine, so he figured he didn't have to worry about things too much.

Still, he reached down to his bag and pulled his paintball gun out, leaning it against the side of the rock he had decided to sit on. This way, he could defuse the situation without incurring too much of a penalty toward his reputation. Minimizing casualties while maximizing control; that was the way Arthur had decided to play this game. He kept tabs on things as the two approached.

The girl decided to run past Bernadette and toward Coleen and himself. He vaguely recognized her from before, and she seemed to recognize him, but he couldn't quite remember who she was. Her name was...Alba? That sounded like he'd heard it before, sometime around when he got his spear. Pulled it from a corpse. No big deal. Corpses often had good stuff lying on them in games.

"Speaking in terms of survival," Arthur said, "We're doing fine. Emotionally, though...not as fine." He looked toward Coleen, still crying. Maybe he should do something to cheer her up, or comfort her, right? He was responsible for keeping her safe (right?) but was he responsible for keeping her happy?

"Got a pretty good view, though," he continued, gesturing to the open sea, "Beautiful sunrise."

For a game with such an ugly premise, they've gone all out on getting a beautiful world together. Well designed, pretty looking, very cinematic.

Maybe it was viewing things from a video game perspective that was keeping Arthur from really feeling anything. If so, then he thought he was fine keeping up that way of thinking. It was keeping him calm, cool, and collected, at the moment when those around him needed it the most.

Plus, these thoughts had a way of bringing the color back into the world.

The color he lost on the beach.
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