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There was someone else here now.

Darius had been saying things, words lost in the halo of static around Lili's thoughts, but the sudden change in his tone from somewhat condescending to frighteningly angry cut right through and reached her brain. She turned and peered towards the door just as Darius started swearing, and was surprised to see not just one person, but two. Johnny was a friendly guy most of the time, but the girl he had with him seemed to elicit such a strong response from Darius that Lili felt she was justified in raising her guard as she stood up from behind the wall.

There wasn't any need to piss anyone else off today. Lili waved at the two, trying to force a smile.

"Hey," she said, putting her hand on her light saber just in case things went awry. She didn't really have anything else to offer when it came to defusing the situation. All she needed to be was ready to bolt if things went south. Fuck Darius and his plans for whatever-the-hell-it-was-he-wanted-to-do, those could wait until Lili secured their stuff.

Unless Johnny and blue-hair decided they wanted to block the door. Then, they'd have issues. Issues that a toy sword probably wouldn't solve.
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