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Lily spared her. Maybe she didn't have a weapon or didn't fancy her chance of overpowering her. Kimiko didn't know either way. After a few moments the spell between them broke and Lily ran. Kimiko breathed out and rested her weight on the wall more.

Her whole body ached from the fight with Isabel. It had been bad, she could feel the two cuts on her body and the bruising was starting to come up on her shoulder and back. What she needed to do was fix tend to her wounds, but she needed to get a safe distance away from Isabel first.

The splashing from Lily's footsteps slowly faded away into the distance and that was when Kimiko finally moved off the wall. It was a struggle to move with any speed especially with the condition her leg was in. Every time she moved her leg she felt the cut squish together and pull apart. It was nauseating.

So she limped as fast as she could through the corridor, her foot kicking up small waves in the layer of murky water.

When she reached the stairs Kimiko allowed herself a small smile.

She had made it out of hell.

((Kimiko Kao continued in Seediq Bale))
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