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Hands on her knees, Toby proceeded to straighten up and fix Jerry with a baleful glare. Oh good, they had food. Oh good, Travis hadn't either killed anyone or be killed. Those were just peachy. Sure they were better than the alternative, but the rest was hardly something to be flippant about. Call it gallows humour or just Jerry being an insensitive dick—frankly she'd ceased caring. It wasn't funny. Jerry wasn't funny.

"Okay, how about I just get my magic fucking carpet and fly us all home? I didn't realise I wasn't allowed to get pissed off!" there was a second where, glancing back to her bag, she was tempted to pick it up and just move on. Then she remembered that it was Jerry who had followed her in the first place in spite of her moving quickly, who was still here, still smarming at her, and her irritation got a second wind. "Do you not get it, Jerry? Do you seriously not fucking get it? How the fuck are you making light of people being dead?"

Back home, people were depending on her. It'd been two, three months of crunching the numbers, busting her ass with the budget to even be able to go on this trip in the first place, to make sure her family would be okay whilst she was... away.

She kicked her bag, picturing Jerry's head.
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