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She heard a familiar-sounding voice calling out. Rather, since it was calling her by name specifically, it wasn't going to be "familiar-sounding" but instead somebody who she knew personally. Bernadette looked over to the boy that was now running towards her.

Oh, it's you.

Brendan was approaching while holding some kind of gun that looked like you'd have to have seven different permits before you could even express interest in buying one. If you'd described the mental image to her a week earlier, Bernadette would've replied that it wasn't the sort of thing she could picture happening. If you'd described it to her a day earlier, it would've been the sort of thing she was afraid could happen.

Picking herself up off the ground, Bernadette headed over to greet the new arrivals. She felt slightly guilty over leaving Coleen on her own, but in the end she had been unable to be of any comfort to her didn't think that was likely to change anytime soon, so it wasn't as though there were going to be any big problems from that. Honestly, she was more conflicted over leaving her bag and the gun on the ground next to Coleen. Particularly the latter of those things, actually.

She may not have been able to come up with anything to say to Coleen, but she certainly had some words for Brendan.

"You look like you're doing well yourself, Brendan," she said once they were close enough that she didn't need to shout. "Feels like it's been so long... I don't think I've even heard your name since yesterday morning."

Coleen was sitting by the fence. Arthur was off by himself. It was probably for the better that neither of them were close enough to get dragged into this.

"So, anything you'd care to explain?"
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