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Can you hear me?
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The gun.

Jennifer realized within a heartbeat. When sheíd tackled Nancy, she hadnít let go. She still had it. Jenniferís failure to realize this was compounded by another pain to her head, another cry from her lips accompanying it.

Somewhere, she heard more shouting. The sound of someone being dragged away, the sound of someone running away. But she didnít pay attention. Couldnít pay attention. Her vision continued to blur and darken around the edges, adrenaline being the main thing keeping her awake, energized.

Another fist pounded against Nancyís face. She didnít want to stop here, she didnít want to die, she didnít want Nancy to murder the others, she didnít want-

She heard Nancy scream, and a second later, another crack.

Jenniferís eyes widened for a second. She dimly felt something wet and warm, dripping from just below her collar. Another second, and a small, choked rasping noise came from her mouth. Two more, and she slumped down onto Nancy, her body limp, blood dripping out from her neck.

Just a few seconds ago, Jenniferís face had been twisted with determination, anger, hatred. But now, itíd been replaced with a shocked look. Her eyes remained open.

But they were unthinking.


Female Student #055 Jennifer Wallace- ELIMINATED

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