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Can you hear me?
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Junko’s smile only got bigger.


She moved the flashlight towards Hannah’s feet.

Okay, so Hannah wasn’t going to douche the place up. It did seem a little… anticlimactic again. But honestly, she had to be glad, sorta. That she wasn’t the killing type, y’know? Eh, at least she was a decent person to have a conversation with. Maybe. It depends. What would they talk about? Shakespeare, so Hannah could correct her on which plays she was referencing? Nah. Other douches? Like who?

“Eh… I’ve ran into douches here. Like, earlier, well, you know Darius, right? Kind of weeby guy with a green streak? Yeah…”

Junko replayed the memory in her head. Darius wasting her water, how they fought about it. Not just “yelling” fought, “actually beating each other” fought.

“He was a douche, but I dealt with it, y’know? What about you? Any douche tales of your own?”

She didn’t feel it was necessary to go into details.

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