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((Irene Djezari continued from No One Gets Left Behind))

She could see him when she peeked around the corner. Helpless and lying in the dirt like a victim, like he was asking for someone to come along and pity him.

Irene knew who he was. Alvaro was a pretty well known guy, with his family's cafe and everything. She'd even been there a few times. Everybody had. Jasper had sent out some hella white girl lunch tweets from it before. He loved the caramel slices. Now Alvaro had killed him.

Was she supposed to be angry at the terrorists for that? Just pretend that Alvaro was a good guy in a bad situation instead of a murderer and hope that everything turned out alright? Fine. Okay. She could play that game. But she would hear it from him. He would need to look her in the eyes and explain everything.

The sound of a shell getting pumped into position insured that he'd be seeing those eyes over Johnny Three's locked and loaded barrel. There were other people here, but as she stalked forward she didn't care. Alvaro was a murderer. He needed to answer for what he'd done.

"Don't move," she said shakily as she rounded on the group. Her eyes were drilled straight into Alvaro's skull. "Where....where is your gun? They..." Irene swallowed heavily. "You shot Jasper. Where is it?"

Right to the point. She never even looked up at the others. Unless they made trouble, she was getting to the bottom of this.
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