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Perhaps Lily could have lashed out at Kimiko. Put an end to a triple killer. Secured the one kill she needed to get off this island. There was a moment where Lily might have managed it. Given some luck.

But it was too risky. And even if it wasn’t, it was not worth killing Kimiko. Kimiko had proven to be someone who could be reasoned with. Who could prioritize. Otherwise she would have cut Lily down and moved on to Isabel with one problem less. And Lily had warned her. Lily was trustworthy. So perhaps, should they meet in the future, Kimiko wouldn’t harm her. Maybe she would. But there was room for doubt and debt.

And Lily didn’t want the heat of killing off one than one person. She needed one kill to leave. And she wanted it to be Isabel.

So Lily looked at Kimiko, looked at the blood sliding from the wound in her leg, and bolted. Looking for the nearest hiding spot, so that when Isabel left Lily could continue with her goal.

Lily didn’t leave as quietly as she wanted. She hoped that Isabel would attribute the splashing noise of her feet rushing through water to Kimiko.

((Lily Caldwell continued in Megalomania.))
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