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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout tented her fingers as she avoided thinking about Henry Spencer. She discovered this was harder than she anticipated. The more she told herself to stop thinking about Henry Spencer, the more she inevitably thought about him. It is what it is; he was dead. Besides, he saw you as just a friend. Like with Noah, all the good guys were gay or spoken for.

She sat back in her seat. Heard it creak with age. It made her shoulders tremble slightly, because over the sound of the rain outside she didn't even notice the creaking. Tch. She pressed two fingers to her neck and rolled her head, kneading the 'creak' or knot or whatever. Sore spot.

She heard the door to one of the rooms open. Scout glanced out of the corner of her eye, waited for the boy to join her. She felt like shit, and her attitude was going to amount to the same.

"Yeah," she said, coughing into her sleeve. Scout looked at Noah, at the bag and 'Sawlaska'. Dumb name, but it was one she wasn't going to forget any time soon. "I'm... okay. One of my friends just died."

Scout's voice skidded to a halt. She blinked, winced. Scout remembered that she had not heard Clarice's name on the announcement, which afforded her some peace of mind. But admitting that her 'friend' just died, it filled her with a sense of guilt. Humiliation. Why was that? There was nothing she could have done to save him...

. . .

"Where you heading?" Scout asked suddenly. She motioned to Noah's bag and 'Sawlaska'. "It's early. Plus, the weather's shit."
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