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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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By the time it was over, her panting sobs were the only sounds left in the rain. There was blood everywhere, including Jane's pretty white dress. She was sore, and she was angry, and she had fucked up. But Bridgette was finally dead. Caedyn had done what she couldn't, because she was just better than her.

That was it. Bridgette fucked up, Caedyn didn't. Bridgette was stupid, Caedyn wasn't. Bridgette deserved to die, and Caedyn deserved to live. It was that simple, and it was going to be no matter who it was she came across. They all deserved this. It was going to happen anyway, right? Caedyn didn't want to hurt her, but killing her now, it was, it was nothing but mercy.

Just mercy. And even if it wasn't, it was all her fault anyway. She looked down at the marred wreckage of Bridgette's face and choked up. "You're f-fucking welcome," she rasped out.
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