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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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She just wouldn't die. Why wouldn't she die? There was so much blood, and she was obviously fucked up, there was no coming back from this. Just let it end. Stop drawing attention and just die like you're supposed to.

She sent Bridgette rolling over with her foot. The bottle came down and buried itself in her vomit covered stomach without another thought. Die. Another swing into her chest as tears started to form in her eyes. Die. Again and again around her upper body. Chunks of glass broke off as she went, but she just kept making those shallow stabs as she started to hiss. "Die, die, die..." It was all she was supposed to do. This was her fault. All her fault. If she'd just done done one thing, anything right the first time, she'd at least be dying a lot easier. But she had to drag this out.

Caedyn wouldn't let her have the satisfaction.

Even though she was bleeding all over her chest, she was still sputtering, and twitching, and drooling everywhere. The stubborn little bitch just wouldn't give up. "J-just die already!" The words came out in a choked shriek as she swung the bottle up around her face, cutting and stabbing wildly at her mouth, her throat, her eyes, her nose, anything at all that would just make this finally stop.
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