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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Oh. Oh no. That was wrong. She was doing it fucking wrong, or, or playing it up, trying to make her feel bad or something, that wasn't how this worked. She was supposed to just fall over, nice and quiet, and go to sleep. Instead she was bleeding everywhere, and twitching, and making noises, like, like...

Go the fuck to sleep.

It was supposed to be easy for both of them. Why did she have to fuck it up like this? Bridgette, the twitching, spastic face was named Bridgette. Caedyn hated her. She never really even knew her but right now she hated her. She had to go and fuck things up and get hurt way worse than she had to. On top of that, all she was ever supposed to do here was die, just like everyone else, but she couldn't even get that right. She just kept-

Oh fuck oh fuckohfuckohfu-

It was too much. With all the booze in her system, the disgust and horror finally sent Caedyn retching over for the second time since she woke up. On the bright side, she didn't get it all over herself this time. She was able to just spill it all over Bridgette's flailing body.
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