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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Somebody was coming. Somebody was coming, and she was perfectly hidden, and they'd never even know it was her. Nobody would ever know she-


Like most predators, the Cassowary does not react well to being startled. Despite being savage and cunning predators, the majority of reported cassowary attacks are purely in self-defense after sudden, aggressive movement. This one will be no different. While the Cassowary is not a stealthy creature, her prey would have been much wiser to simply play along with her hopeless charade. By squeaking and acknowledging her presence, it has sealed its fate.

The Cassowary screeches. Its claw comes up and cuts through the air without a second thought.


Too loud, too quick. She didn't even see who she was hitting before the bottle came swinging down onto their head. It shattered on impact, sending blood and glass and booze flying all over the place. Between the shout of the girl she just hit, her own squeal, and the shattering glass, anybody nearby would have heard that. She needed to run, but she couldn't pick up her feet. She was frozen, staring at the jagged remains of the bottle and the crumpling form looking up at her.
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