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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Well, I mean, a few things," Jerry felt eager to point out.

((Jerry Fury continued from Ain't nobody got time for this))

"One, maybe it's a good thing we aren't running into random people. Two, we got plenty of supplies to keep us, at least for a little while, so no big loss there." Jerry had held up too fingers, looking aside at Toby. "Aaaaand three, we didn't hear Trav's name on the announcements so that's something, right? Just a bunch more names of people we all liked and went to school with, no biggie there."

Lying convincingly about such things probably wasn't Jerry's forte, but what was right up his alley was knowing the names of just about every single person he went to school with. Cochise wasn't a big school at all. Shit, the whole thing had... what, maybe 600, 700 kids in it? The senior class alone was probably somewhere in the ballpark of 200 to 250 (Jerry hadn't bothered to do a count) and while that sounded overwhelming, when you knew half of the people there for pretty much your entire life, knowing the kids in your class just wasn't that much of a challenge.

So, sure. He recognized just about every dead kid. Every killer. But as of right now, he had no problems letting that shit slide off him like water off a duck's back... feathers. Probably wouldn't work as well without the feathers.

"So you just tell me what you're hoping to achieve here by swearing at some water, 'kay?"
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