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(Skipping and some GMing of Kizi approved.)

Jennifer would not get out of the fucking way. She seemed to be doing her utmost best to be in the way. She was bleeding, and dying, and it was fucking happening all over again. The most practical thing, at this stage, would be to shoot. To shoot through Jennifer and get Nancy in her twisted, murderous face.

But Clarice wasn’t going to do that. Kizi wasn’t going to do that. She didn’t know Bart that well, but given Jennifer, given Kizi, she suspected he wouldn’t, either.

Clarice lowered the gun, shoving it back into Kizi’s hands. Even with all that was happening, there was a little wandering thought about whether she did that so she wouldn’t shoot, or so that Kizi might.

“Run. RUN!”

Jennifer had Nancy pinned. That was the only option. And this was the only chance.

Clarice grabbed Kizi’s arm with her good one, and yanked her past Nancy. Past Jennifer. Clarice didn’t—couldn’t—look back. She’d seen this before, she knew where it was going.

“Run!” she yelled at Bart before continuing to try and flee. She kept a hand clamped on Kizi’s arm.

Kizi was coming with her, whether she wanted to or not, because Clarice wasn’t going to see Kizi’s kindness murder her. Not like Harold.

((Clarice Halwood continued in Death Is The Only Freedom...))
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