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Mel's qustion lightened up her mood a bit, she had these two with her for the last days or so, unlike Al. For now she would just have to ignore him for a whie, and focus on them. They had given an idea for what to and willing to help, might as well show them she was gratefull.

She held the keys upfront in her right hand." They gave me this for a weapon, pretty shitty I know, but I think it was no coincidence." She pointed at the vehicle depot with her right hand. " I think they gave it to me so I could use it on something inside, otherwise..." She didn't finish that sentence, it was osmething she had dreaded for the last few days, have they been messing with her from the start? Only one way to find out.

"Anyway, I tried getting here earlier, but the danger zone stopped me. It's why I ran into you guys actually." She scratched the back of her head, a sly smile on her face. "A bit of an happy accident you could say." She felt her face turn a bit red after that and hurried her pace over to the buidling. "A-anyway, let's check it out."

When she got there, she noticed someone on the floor, someone who looked like they have been through some shit, someone who looked like Alvaro who was on th-

Oh for fuck's sake, really? She just got here! She wasn't going to leave if this fuck started shit, she'd been after this for days and had to know.
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