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((Toby continued from Ain't Nobody Got Time For This))

More time, more death, and still no Travis.

Toby had managed to eat. Hurray for Toby—she was now functioning on almost a good a level as she would have been back home. Twice in one day, even.

What she hadn't succeeded in was actually doing anything. No people, no supplies and no ideas. She may as well have sat in the bell tower sucking her thumb for as much good as it would have done her. Same amount of accomplishments. Nothing. Nothing. Fucking. Nothing.

The company wasn't helping. In fact, the company was on the verge of getting its throat ripped out.

The cove was barren and empty.

"Why is nobody ever fucking anywhere!?" Toby flung her bag off her shoulder in frustration. She was about to lose her shit. Tired, haggard—she was trying, she was doing her damn best and that was supposed to be good enough. Not this limbo, not sitting around and hearing more and more names added to the dead each morning.
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