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A sly smile found it's way on her face as Jeremy mentioned last episode's ending. Jeremy had found one of the pitfalls of reality tv, one of your favorites getting targeted and taken out. Survivor in particular could be brutal about that, specially in the later seasons.

"Ah yes, the worst part about being a Survivor fan" A favorite of yours getting kicked always sucked, especially if you hoped they would get to the end. "Been through that myself when Malcom got voted out back in philippines, it sucks."

She could see that the questioned bothered him so she thought of the best way to hopefully lighten things up after that, and hell you never know. It could happen.

"He might come back for a later season?" They always brought back those from the seasons people rave about, even some of the unknowns got new shots that made them more known to people. "They always do good in those."
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