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She felt the blade slice through her calf and nearly fell over. The pain every step brought tore its way through her body. She felt the blood begin to run out of the cut only to be absorbed her sock, giving it a warm, wet feeling against her skin.

As she reached the doors she heard Isabel screaming after her.

"Get back here!"

Kimiko ignored her and crashed through the doors, slipping down onto her knees and she tried to pick up her pack.

She froze and looked up as she remembered Lily was in the room. When she did however, she found that she was the only one.

Struggling to her feet Kimiko looked around for Lily, making sure she wasn't hiding in a dark corner of the room. She could feel the sharp burning pains from the wounds Isabel inflicted on her and it forced her to make the decision to leave.

As quickly as she could managed, Kimiko jogged across the room to the door she had come through, with a noticeable limp and wince whenever she put pressure on her injured leg. Adrenaline allowing her to ignore the worst of the pain she was feeling.

Lily, must have run away at the sound of the fighting she assumed.

When she got to the door, Kimiko slowly pushed it open and stepped through, the corridor seemed clear.

She finally allowed herself to breathe and rested a hand on the wall. Inhaling and exhaling rapidly as the adrenaline left her system. From the corner of her vision Kimiko saw something, quickly turning her head she could just make out Lily.

Kimiko stared at her, knowing that if the girl decided to attack, there wasn't much left that she could do.
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