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Penelope lay curled up, facing the wall, listening to their words.

Ben had a point. Will had modest words of encouragement, and was coming from a place of empathy.

If Will was able to continue on in spite of the loss of his loved one, why couldn't she? Ben was right that there were still others out there that would be willing to listen, others that cared for her and would likely stay behind her to the very end.

Penelope turned back over, almost as a signal to the boys that she was listening.

"Maybe..." She began. "...Maybe if we get a large enough group together, we'll be able to convince the others..." Penelope's thoughts turned to Astrid. "...that might not be so easily swayed."

Penelope swallowed. Those were the first truly coherent words that she spoke since the announcements. "There's... there's... Raina, Alessio, Cri-" She stopped. Cristo was already gone. It didn't feel real. "The... the robotics club members... I have senior friends like Jeremy and Serena... to name a few..."

She slowly hoisted herself up to a sitting position, her body language making it clear that she wasn't done. "You're right Ben, if... if I'm going to die, I want the people left behind to be proud of me. My parents, my friends who are still at home, Ems..."

Penelope looked Ben square in the eyes. Her confidence had begun to return, if only a little bit. "So... let's do it. Let's get everyone together. Let's show them that the kids at Cochise are not to be fucked with."

She took a deep breath. She still couldn't quite handle the fact that Sam was gone, that so many people - including her friends - had already died. But she had to be strong. She had to be the one to show the terrorists that they were wrong. It was the only way she could take all of this and make things right.

Penelope stood up, and extended both of her hands to Will and Ben.

"S-so. Are you with me?"
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