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Michael was jolted by an alien voice. Well, not quite alien, just not a voice he'd heard since he'd been here. This... was well, it was fuckin' awkward.


Michael hadn't even noticed that Alessio had peeped his head out of the hoodie covering his face. He was more focused on how to explain why he was waterboarding him awake in the first place.

"Well... uhhh."

Would Audrey be pissed about it? Probably. Alessio's probably gonna start screaming stupid shit too, so fuck it. Tell the truth.

"Well... I'ma start from the beginning; Me and Maria here, well, we're fed up with the same damn names comin' up on the announcements. So; we decided to change some things, right?"

"We found Al... you probably heard him on the announcements right?"

Michael shrugged, before tossing the empty water bottle off the tower.

" We figured we'd question why he did it first. Y'know, help us decide whether or not to toss him over on his head or on his feet. Depends on what answers he gives us."
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