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In an ideal world, that plan could've worked. Get everyone together and I'unno know, sing kumbaya till the terrorists blew them all up. Be all hippie like and unity and shit. Too bad the world they live in take those ideals out back and old yeller'em. He wasn't about to say that of course. The last thing these two needed was a dose of pessimism.

Ben talked to her now, somewhat stilted as he tried to talk her out of giving up. Not exactly the most comforting words, but what can you do? Neither were exactly good at those, maybe building a connection could work?

"I know that feeling all too well." He said looking right at her. "I lost my girlfriend the first day here to Alex Tarquin and... things haven't been too well since..." He left out the part of finding and shooting that fuck in the face, not the time to indulge in masturbatory revenge fantasies.

Why did he care? Maybe there was some part of him that wanted to do good before fucking it all up with Rea. She had gone through the same, only worse. He at least got to say goodbye to her. She just had to know from that fuck on the announcements.
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