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They fell.

Jennifer felt a pair of fists slamming into her face. Each hit, each burst of pain, came in a rhythm. Nancy seemed focused, determined. Ready to get the job done. For a moment, Jennifer felt a feeling of dread.

This is it, she thought.

No. It wasn’t.

Jennifer’s face twisted underneath all the pain. Her eyebrows furrowed. Her lips tightened around her bare teeth. She wasn’t going to let it end here. Not like this.

Her right hand reached up, and took a swing towards Nancy’s neck. Another hand pushed up, and within the next second, Jennifer felt the weight on her body vanish. Nancy fell onto her rear.

She sat up in one swift motion. A metallic taste, almost like copper, was inside her mouth. With it, a red streak had dripped from the corner of her lips. Her breathing became ragged, and she tasted the blood in her mouth each time her breath touched it. But, even with all the pain, she saw Nancy lift her gun again, and-

Jennifer screamed.

A hand touched her right shoulder, only to feel a warm wetness and pain. Blood. She’d… she’d been shot. Her heart was going faster and faster. Her vision blurred and got dark around the edges. She wasn’t sure if that was fear or blood loss. Her skin shook under her hand. For a second, Jennifer’s face looked shocked, almost pained. But then, her eyes glared. Her lips curled. Her hand tightened around the bloody fabric.

She didn’t want Nancy to know how scared she was.

Jennifer made another decision. If Nancy was distracted, it would mean that Bart, Kiziah, and Clarice were safe. They could run or hide. If Nancy was focused only on her, they wouldn’t be in any danger. If Jennifer was still alive, still kicking.

In a split second, she summoned up as much adrenaline as possible, and lunged forward. Once again, they were on the ground. But this time, Jennifer was on top of it. Her fists swung into Nancy’s chest and shoulders, once, twice, three times, four. The pain in her shoulder faded in the adrenaline, the panic, and the anger.

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