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"Lili, think about it. People are dying and we have more bags with food than people alive. Rations will never be a problem."

Darius sighed. How can one be so pessimistic?

"Really, I'd agree with you, but then both of us would be wrong."

Darius hoped that they would not meet Leslie again. Because Leslie was spooky. He did not want to know what would've happened if she actually ambushed them without failing. Darius probably would be in a place where no Darius belonged.

But then, Leslie came back. She opened the door and wait that was not Leslie. It was Raina.

"Fuck off! Leave us alone."

Arrogant bitches were not good people on the island.[1][2] Nor were weeaboo bitches.[3] Even if Raina was not a player, Darius' group already had too many members, so there was no room for her to join the Van Dyke squad.[citation needed]
[1] Isabel
[2] Kimiko
[3] Nancy-san-sama-otaku-chan
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