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((GMing approved.))

Nancy wouldn't let this be like Sandy. This time, she'd be the one with the upper hand. And she'd keep the upper hand.

This is what she told herself.

This is what she told herself, as she finally collided with Jennifer, as the momentum carried them to the floor, as Nancy found herself on top of Jennifer, as she slammed her fists down on Jennifer's face.

She wasn't focused on anything else right now. Maybe she should have, since there were, after all, three other people in the room. But she looked straight down at Jennifer... Jennifer, who was looking back up at her with an expression of pure hate...

Nancy threw one more fist down before Jennifer retaliated, her hand jabbing into Nancy's throat. And suddenly Nancy felt herself flying backward, as Jennifer pushed her off of herself. And Nancy, who clutched at her neck, fell backwards onto her rear. And Nancy, whose hands tried to stop her from landing on her back, felt something cold and metallic in her right hand.

And Nancy, who lifted up the gun, fired.
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