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So after they brought Mabes outside, Kaitlyn turned straight back in and half expected Emma or something to be leaping on the stuff she'd left, humping her bag like a dog in heat. After all... well not that Kaitlyn was gonna straight out admit it to herself, but...

Yeah. Say it was probably the smarter thing to do and leave it there.

But thankfully and no, her bag and gun was unmolested and pristine. Really. Of course she'd only been gone outside the door for like 30 seconds. Even if the idea had come up there wasn't enough time. Sure, Kaitlyn would've come to the same conclusion.

So instead Kaitlyn walked over, muttering thanks to the other girls, and sat her ass back down. Gave the group another once-over with her eyes. She'd kinda non-verbally claimed one corner of the pub as hers, and the rest of them were hopefully wise enough to respect it.

So just let them all chill together a while. It beat staying out in the rain. She'd be willing to make a bit of conversation with the rest if they wanted to. But for the most part? She'd just wait it out.

And think of stuff other than tomorrow. Kaitlyn wiggled her toes in her new footwear. Yeah, they were about half a size too small, but still an upgrade. Her feet weren't getting crushed here or anything. Boots, fine. Except may for those stupid cats on them.

Bomb, bitchin. Except that she needed to figure out how the hell it worked.


Fucking announcements. Except everything there.

And later that night when she jerked awake after a few hours sleeping in a chair and still heard the rain coming down she couldn't help get back to that point. Didn't like the feeling.

Kaitlyn had never cried. OK, as a toddler or whatever, sure. Maybe a couple times later on she didn't remember. And she sure as hellrain wasn't crying now. But whatever she was feeling was that sense that could maybe bring about tears in lesser ones. And it mixed with the cold anticipation she liked feeling here and maybe came out the winning end. Right now at least. It was like -- four in the morning? Who the hell knew, she'd say that -- and she'd ended the life of someone she'd liked yesterday. So it wasn't a cardinal sin or anything. But still. Wasn't her.

She didn't cry. She didn't shake.

She didn't fucking blink.

But for the second time on this island, Kaitlyn did blink, and got the hell out of there before the dawn broke and those announcements hit.

(Kaitlyn Greene continued in Miasma of the Dawn)
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