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((Bart Cappotelli continued from Why We Fight))

Bart was afraid.

Everything had seemed fine when they found Clarice at the radio tower. He didn't really have a whole lot to say, but he was more than willing to stand back while the others talked things out. If they were lucky, maybe Clarice might agree to join up with them. With the four of them pooling their skills and resources together, they might have a better chance at surviving.

Then Nancy showed up, and that's when things went downhill.

Bart's first reaction was to hide. He was pretty sure that none of his friends saw him slink behind a busted piece of equipment, but it wouldn't be too hard to notice if they had turned around. He felt like a coward, but he was too paralyzed by fear to do anything else. He just wanted Nancy to go away and leave them alone.

Unfortunately, it quickly became clear that Nancy was in no mood to come and go as peacefully as Kimiko had the previous day. There was a standoff, and even without anyone throwing so much as a punch, the tension in the air was oppressive. He felt as though there was a concrete block pressed against his chest when he tried to breathe and calm himself.

Once Nancy lunged at Jennifer though, any semblance of peace broke down instantly. When Jennifer called out to the others, he stood up and stepped out of cover, wanting to do something to help her. Nancy wasn't paying attention to him, so he might be able to charge her. He was a lot bigger than she was, so he should be able to stop her. If he did that, than the others would be able to rally together and chase her off. Yeah, all they needed was an opening.

He had a plan in his head, but his body didn't agree. His feet didn't move an inch, feeling as though they were weighed down with irons. He wanted to do something, anything to help, but why couldn't he convince himself to do it?

With what little courage he could muster, he shouted at the scuffle. "Hey!" He didn't raise his voice often, so he hoped that it would have enough force behind it to draw attention. He was leaning forward as he yelled, the only movement that his stunned self would allow. "Stop!" He cried again. He wanted to help, he really did, but this was all he could muster.

Hopefully it accomplished something.
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