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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Alba Reyes continued from How Can I Take Off This Mask?))

Alba hurried after Brendan. If the vehicle depot was housing one of the repeat killers, getting away from there as soon as possible was likely their best course. It did mean they were possibly running away from Bryony, Candice, and Jonathan if those three were at the radio tower. Now she wasn't sure if she was hoping they weren't there. If they weren't, then she wouldn't feel so bad running the opposite direction. If they were...she would. That she knew for certain.

But she trudged on after Brendan. Maybe he knew something about the area they were heading towards. Thus, she tried to keep up with his pace. Soon, they were running faster. Brendan had recognized one of the people up ahead. Alba figured Bernadette was in the senior class with Brendan. If he was this happy to see her, then surely she was someone else they could have join their group.

"Brendan! Wait up!" Alba cried out running after him.

Alba noticed the other figures with Bernadette. Her eyes widened with joy. There was a reason they went this way after all. Not only did Brendan find his friend, but Alba found the other two kids from the gym where Bradley died. If they were here, surely Bryony was as well.

"Hey! Arthur! Sandra! How are you!" she shouted to the others. "How's it going?!?"

Alba had a big smile on her face as she ran closer to them. This had to be a sign of things changing for the better. Alba continued to look around the area. She didn't see Bryony, but maybe she was nearby.
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