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((Brendan Harte continued from How Can I Take Off This Mask?))

Back at this place again, Brendan. Did you make the right choice?

Brendan had managed to make his way towards the cliff with Alba following closely behind him. They had made their way over there to rest and plan on what to do next. He thought that they could possibly head to the radio tower to see if Jonathan and Candice were both there and he wanted to know if they were both safe. He felt foolish for running out on them and he was going to owe the both of them an apology.

He felt like the cliff was beckoning him towards it. He strangely felt at peace when he could staring off into the distance. He felt like he would be in a different world. However, he knew that everything happening around him was a horrid reality and he knew that there was a slim chance that an escape plan would work. Even if he didn't voice it to the others. On the inside, he believed that everyone was going to die just for one person to go home. That person would be a victim as well. Everybody was a victim....

Brendan gritted his teeth and he gripped onto the grenade launcher a bit more tightly. He wondered if he could try to keep Alba safe. He didn't want anything bad happen to her. If he lost her.... He didn't know what he would do.

Brendan stopped walking and he squinted towards the figures that were a bit farther on the cliff in front of him and Alba. Who were those three people? He couldn't really see them clear-

He felt his heart skip a beat.

No way....

Bernadette. His best friend! She was there. That was great! He felt relieved and happy to see that she was alive. He had finally found another friend!

"Bern- Bernadette!! It's me, Brendan!" He yelled loudly with a small smile as he broke out into a run towards her and the two other people. "T-Thank god, you're safe! I was worried about you."
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