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Maria could only watch in surprise as Michael got out one of Al's water bottles and then he was telling her a better way to wake Al up. Michael just started to pour the water onto the hoodie that was around Al's face. She assumed that he was aimming for Al's face. And she thought she was being harsh. Michael was more crueler for obvious reasons.

She felt amused by what Michael was doing. She couldn't help but smile at the view. She felt this was much better than her idea. She knew it was a fuck-up idea for her to cut someone with a sword to torture them. She didn't really mean any of it. She was just still feeling really bitter over Caleb's death. If she saw Kimiko.... She honestly didn't know how she would react.

"You're right. This is definitely a better way to wake him up!" She nodded in agreement and she let out a small chuckle. "....We can just kill him to serve as a warning to the scummy killers. To show that we won't be messed with. Yeah?"
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