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This was your goal, right? Playing psychiatrist? It's what she'd wanted, what she'd craved from the beginning. A meaningful conversation. Fucking sweet. Except the guy was crying, and Asuka didn't know what to say.

A pack fell on the ground.

Time after time, Asuka found herself using nonverbal communication when she couldn't find the words in her mouth to help someone. A hug, a hand on their wrist, whatever. Neither of which were really appropriate here, seeing as she barely knew Nate. Asuka was never one for following social conventions, but we all know that's just what she tells herself when she accidentally breaks them. It wasn't, like, a principle she followed. And even if it was, she could break it if that meant not hurting another person.

"Take whatever you need."

A bit pathetic, giving material aid when his pains were so obviously emotional. It'll have to do.

She sat down next to him, close enough for the unspoken offer to be clear.

She had an idea. A little something spinning around inside her head. It'd probably make the poor kid cry some more, but fuck it, this wasn't part of her trying to be a psychiatrist.. She wanted to do this so badly she needed to do this. She grabbed a stick, roughly the size and shape of a pencil. Stupid terrorists had taken all her drawing and writing stuff.

"When you're done, tell me...shit, I dunno. The name, I guess. Your favorite memory with them, their favorite hobby, an annoying quirk they had that always annoyed you. The most personal thing, secret or otherwise, they've told you. Whatever comes to mind, for as many dead friends as you can do.
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