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Can you hear me?
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Everything was a blur.

Jennifer’s foot connected. Nancy dropped the gun, clutching the spot she’d hit. Somewhere in the background Jennifer heard shouting, but it was distant, muddled. Nancy looked up, and growled under her breath.

She froze, wondering what to do next. But Nancy decided for her.

In one swift moment, she lunged forward, her arms outstretched. Jennifer’s heart skipped a beat. Nancy wasn’t going to stop there. Intuitively, Jennifer raised her arms, trying to swat her hands out of the way. But one foot lost balance as she stepped back, causing Jennifer’s leg to sway.


Bart, Kiziah, and Clarice. She was sure they were still here. Nancy was distracted, meaning that they could do anything. They could run. They could hide. They could choose to attack Nancy while all of energy was focused on her. Something. Anything.

“-Do something!” she yelled.

Jennifer wasn’t sure what. She didn’t want the others to die.

She didn’t want to die.

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