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Nancy was slow. It was the pain in her shoulder, the ache in her back, the blisters in her feet. Reasons, excuses, whatever. She turned to face Jennifer but she was too slow, and Jennifer's heel connected cleanly with her shin.

She yelled, then, clutching at her shin where the impact was. The gun dropped, but that issue took a backseat to a more salient one. Jennifer was the immediate threat... and the one she had to deal with right now. She was the one she could deal with right now. There was a dull pounding in her shin. Maybe she bruised it, she didn't know. At this point, she wasn't exactly in the mood to care.

Nancy didn't register the presence of the others anymore. They weren't important.

"Y-You..." she spat.

She gritted her teeth, before lunging at Jennifer with a howl, claws bared, ready to tear at Jennifer's throat with her own two hands, if need be.
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