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There were questions. Was she okay? How could she be okay? How could anyone be okay here? Clarice didn’t respond, and suddenly Nancy was there and Jennifer was moving and a gun was being held out to Clarice. It looked just a little too shiny, and there was too much noise.

Clarice took the gun without really thinking about it. She’d never fired a gun. Never touched a gun. And the power to end the conflict in front of her was just in her hands. She raised the gun. Her shoulder twisted, tore, and Clarice felt fresh wetness and new pain overlapping the old.

But it was life or death, and Clarice couldn’t let it be death. Not yet.

“Jennifer, get out of the way!” she yelled. Her voice cracked and it sounded exhausted, stretched beyond its limits just in that shout.

Fuck Nancy. Fuck people like her and Isabel and Kimiko and Conrad for making this game continue.

Clarice aimed.

But she didn’t fire.
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