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Kizi knew Clarice. She was a friend. A long-time friend. Someone dependable, trustworthy. Not that Jennifer and Bart weren't, but...she knew Clarice better. Was it bad to admit that? She was pretty sure it wasn't. Sure it wasn't too offensive an admission. No surprises with her. She'd always have passion and a sense of justice and a latent fury that Kizi would never have, and they were reassuring. A reminder of home, and maybe traits that could save her life at one point.

She couldn't throw that away.

She looked at Jennifer and Bart. Hoped they'd come along too.

But by the time Jennifer asked if they wanted to follow Clarice, Kizi was already in a ungainly sprint, shotgun held awkwardly, bag hanging gracelessly off her shoulder. "Gotta...follow...come..." was all she could get out, legibly, in between harried and already exhausted breaths.

((Kiziah Saraki continued in If It Bleeds, It Leads.))
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