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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Jasmine Reed continued from 血塗れ桜.)

Jasmine let out a deep sigh of relief. Did Blair see her? Maybe not. Jasmine's shoulders were squeezed together and she shrank back to sitting against a bookshelf, tucking her out of sight. Wow, was that Blair? Blair Moore? She sounded really mad. Caedyn told her she was kind of... loose. They weren't friends, Kae and Blair. Or, at least, they weren't friends now. Same thing, as far as Jasmine was concerned.

There was this sense of deja vu or whatever. Libraries. Bad things happened to Jasmine in libraries. Caedyn told her she'd be looking around, an idea that Jasmine did not agree with but, hey, it's Kay. She'd be okay. The voice from deeper inside the library sounded familiar, and Jasmine was going to come out from the furthest corner of the library. Until she heard a third voice, less distinct, not Caedyn's. It made her freeze up, hesitate. Whoever it was, they sounded preeeeetty mad at Caedyn. So Jasmine waited. Tried to keep out of sight.

The day was uneventful. She was just happy to see Caedyn again, quite frankly. Jasmine was so happy she almost forgot about the game entirely! Kay had some alcohol on her too, and they spent the better part of a hour or so taking swigs. She thought it was whiskey, though Jasmine wasn't too sure on that. Could have been rum or wine or whatever. Jasmine could not hold her drink, and even the minuscule amounts of whisky a giggling cuddling mess. Even then as she stood outside the library, Jazz's head felt light and her reactions dulled. The voice in her head told her that Caedyn was just buttering her up, getting under her skin, she'll drop you like a hot potato, but she ignored it. Kay would never do something like that. She was just... making conversation. Yeah. That's all it was.

Jasmine waited until Blair was out of the room to make her grand reveal. By grand reveal, she did not mean to stumble and nearly trip and fall on her face. She was still buzzed, and as she caught herself she giggled. Woow.

"Is she gone Kay?" Jasmine said, wiping the sweat from her forehead. "Gosh, I thought she was going to start shit."

Then she looked at Rene and smiled.

"H-Hey Rene. Long time no see."

Jasmine stumbled over her words like she stumbled over her shoelaces. It's been, what, like ten minutes? That's too much time spent not hanging off of Kay! She shuffled her feet, suddenly feeling awkward. She couldn't imagine why. There's nothing wrong going on, yanno? Here was Jasmine Reed, a known killer, just sorta hanging out. Like ya do.

"Sorry for creepin'," Jasmine said, "I was gonna say hello but then Blair came in." She paused, blinked. "Um, I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying but she sounded mad."

Nothing wrong. Nope. No way.
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