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[Arthur Bernstein continued from There Are So Many Offices...]

"Henry Spencer got to live a horror movie courtesy of Alessio Rigano who is making good strides in becoming a real life monster. Great work, I didn’t expect to see your name again so soon."

He paused.

"Jasper Bustamante was executed by Alvaro Vacanti. It's too late to say sorry Alvaro. He can't hear you over a bullet in his head."

He froze.

"No..." he whispered, dropping his tin of crackers on the floor. It landed with a metallic resonance that echoed through the room.

Coleen wasn't taking the announcement well either. Bernadette went over to comfort her.

He couldn't look at anyone. Instead, he looked down at the ground and held his head in his hands.

Acting as if he could feel anything.

He couldn't let them see that he wasn't crying.
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