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Violently and painfully the nodachi was ripped from her grip by Isabel's sickle.

Then with the brute force of a bull Isabel smashed onto her stomach, all of her body weight crushing down on Kimiko keeping her in place and knocking the air out of her lungs.

Frantically Kimiko's right hand dug into her pocket, gripping on the handle of the tantō, her thumb pushed the wooden shirasaya off the blade.

The sickle was raised high into the air. This was it.

Kimiko slashed the tantō through the darkness at Isabel's head and face.

She felt the tantō catch Isabel in the face and heard her cry out.

In that same instant Kimiko's free left arm snaked it's way across Isabel's body and with all the strength she could muster from her position on the ground Kimiko threw Isabel off aiming for the edge of one of the shower cubicles. She saw Isabel collide back and spine first with the stall and those precious few moments were all Kimiko needed.

She scrambled up to her feet, coughing as her body tried to get air back.

Grabbing the nodachi and its sheath off the floor Kimiko raced for the doors.
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