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((Bernadette Thomas continued from There Are So May Offices, but Everybody Seems To Be A Patient. Where Are the Doctors?))

Bernadette was quickly developing a hatred for mornings, and it sure had nothing to do with wanting to sleep in a little bit longer. It was, however, related to the unpleasant "wakeup calls" that they had been receiving each morning. Before, on the two other occasions that she'd heard that voice, she hadn't dwelt on the names that had been read off much.

She'd listened, sure. Did the best she could to remember who had been listed and why. She probably wouldn't be able to recall them all, but there were a few names in particular that had stuck in her mind. But aside from that? Hard to put much thought towards them when you're curled up on the floor in pain and trying not to be agitated.

Well, saying it was hard to think about wasn't quite right. Rather, it had been had to set it aside. But back then, she had managed, somehow.

Now, though? She was recovered enough that she could take the "pleasure" of letting every single word register in her mind. And quite frankly, she was pissed.

She wanted to find each and every person who was still around to heard their own name on the announcements. She could have screamed her lungs out at every last one of them until she couldn't speak anymore. She probably wouldn't be satisfied even then.

Bernadette caught herself tightly gripping the gun she had been given. She tried her best to push those thoughts aside. She didn't want to cross that line. Besides, there was something that needed to be taken care of first.

Coleen had taken the announcement, um... well, saying that she was taking it hard would probably be quite the understatement. Bernadette sat down next to her with her back resting against the fence, setting aside her pack and gun. She took a few deep breaths to calm her own emotions before trying to speak.


Apparently it didn't matter whether or not she calmed herself, because she had no idea where to even start with comforting someone in this situation. Anything she could think of sounded artificial or hollow. Hell, if she'd just blurted out something about hunting down everybody responsible, at least it would have been sounded sincere.

In the end, all Bernadette could manage for Coleen was a hopefully-comforting hand on her shoulder.
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