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((Nancy Kyle continued from お元気ですか?))

Another day, another restless night. Nancy rubbed her eyes as she emerged from the storehouse. This couldn't... this couldn't continue. Nancy wished she could just rest for one day, but... no. That would be the end.

So she sorely moved. When the announcement played, she listened. She knew she wasn't going to be on them... but there was still some distant, delusional hope that it would happen.

The announcements ended, confirming her suspicions from yesterday. The northwest was no longer a danger zone... she started heading in that direction, trudging along until the buildings faded into view.

Something else also faded into view at the same time. Or rather someone.

Clarice. Clarice was there, and she was with a group of people.

Even if that incident from the first day hadn't been dragged to the front of mind from seeing her, Nancy would have followed them anyway.

She trailed them, trying to avoid being seen. Her eyes drifted to the radio tower, and she stared listlessly as they entered it.

She gulped, before sneaking toward the tower. She moved around to the entrance. The door was closed. The fingers on her right hand curled around the grip of the gun, before her other hand went for the door's handle. In one swift, rough motion, she pulled the door open and stepped in, raising the gun up.

"Hold it."
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