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Howdy, folks! It's been a while, and I judge V6 to be well enough underway that it's unlikely to kill a mafia game. As such, I'm (finally) opening this one. Given the time since the last game, I've decided to run a largely normal BR mafia.

As with my past games, activity will be strictly enforced and four substantive posts or three substantive posts plus one vote will be expected each day phase. Failure to remain active will result in a single warning, followed by a modkill should activity not improve. A post counts if it advances the discussion/in some way engages with the game. Your first vote of any phase automatically counts as meaningful unless you're blatantly throwing out a random vote to meet requirements; further votes will be judged on their merit (that is to say, if you're spamming random votes with no rhyme or reason, that does not count as engaging with the game, while if you're joining a wagon it probably does). Exceptions in enforcement may be made for any phase that ends notably early, at mod discretion (which is to say you won't be punished if someone gets fast-pushed two days into a phase before you're able to check in), but don't count on any leniency if you wait until the last twenty-four hours to open your mouth. You will not be held accountable for posting during any time in which you are marked as Away in the appropriate thread.

With that out of the way, sign-ups are open. This game will not require or assume any knowledge of Battle Royale--while character roles will be tied to flavor to an extent, the game should be balanced such that fluff knowledge does not break it one way or the other. Spoilers, however, will abound. We can run with as few as eight people, or as many as twenty-four; more or less than that will require some more complicated rebalancing but can be worked with.

Sign-ups will run for a week, followed by a pause of a few days to get PMs set up, then the game.

1. Espi
2. Backslash
3. Deamon
4. "r"
5. Yugikun
6. Brackie
7. Candy
8. Zetsumodernista
9. Primrosette
10. ToxieTheToxicAvenger
11. VysePresident
12. dmboogie
13. Grim Wolf
14. Riki
15. decoy73
16. Randomness
17. General Goose
18. Empress Plush
19. R.C.
20. Cake
21. Flare
Juliette Sargent drawn by Mimi and Ryuki
Alton Gerow drawn by Mimi
Lavender Ripley drawn by Mimi
Phillip Olivares drawn by Ryuki
Library Vee
Misty Browder drawn by Ryuki
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