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Amanda lowered her own gun sheepishly, her breathing slowly returning to normal as the situation de-escalated.

Kaitlyn was trying to make peace with them in her own fast-talking way, and as much as Amanda didn't like it, it was leagues better than the alternative. Things were going better than expected, something that seemed to be a theme lately, and she wasn't sure how much of that was luck, and how much of that was an abysmal sense of expectations.

Still, she didn't fully trust Kaitlyn. Kinda hard to suddenly trust the grave robber who had one extra bomb on her person than when you met her. Not after she pointing a gun at them. Not after she casually used Mia dying to scare them. But that didn't mean she had to do anything, not when everything had managed to settle down.

Besides, they'd managed to achieve their goal of getting water in a lucky coincidence. And yet, it'd feel completely wrong to take it, especially with their owner still there, still watching over the room with soulless eyes.

And worse off it was starting to rain too. It looked like they were going to be stuck there for the night. And if they were going to be stuck in the pub, she'd rather not have any corpse, let alone Tessa, watching over her the entire night.

"Okay. Let's move it. But let's make it fast, okay?"

Amanda grabbed onto her arms, and with a little help from Kaitlyn and Jaime, lifted the body up. Even though she didn't want to, she couldn't help to notice Tessa's head, which was dangling off at an awkward angle, the neck too damaged to hold it up properly, its weight shaking in a way that made her a little queasy, as they transported the body out of the pub.

The body was dropped, a little too unceremoniously for her liking, left to suffer in the rain while they stayed dry inside the shitty pub.

"Okay, I never thought I’d say this about Tessa, but I actually kinda feel sorry for her out there."
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