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Can you hear me?
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((Jennifer Wallace continued from Why We Fight))

Kimiko Kao had killed again. First of the day, too. By the sound of things, it was a boyfriend, or at least something similar. Not even love could withstand the island. So, friendships? They were probably even less sturdy. Maybe, Jennifer thought, it wasn’t a good idea for Clarice to look for Kimiko anymore, based off what had happened?

But, after the announcements, they’d headed to the radio tower. It was somewhat of a foregone conclusion that it would no longer work, though. Obviously, the terrorists had thought of deactivating it so that it couldn’t be used by them. Maybe there was a way of making it active again, but Jennifer couldn’t think of anything.

It was worth a shot, though, at least? Just to see what’s in there. She doubted that there was a generator nearby. The terrorists would think of removing or deactivating it, too. And hey, at least they wouldn’t be in the rain anymore.

After she had reached down to adjust a shoe for a few seconds, she slid back up to see Clarice numbly fiddling with the control panel. Of course, nothing budged. Again, the terrorists most likely deactivated it a long time ago. However, Jennifer noticed Clarice seemed… dazed.

Finding out your friend had killed more would probably make you feel terrible. The blood they’d seen on Kimiko, come to think of it, must have been Caleb’s. It was the first announced, which meant that it was likely earlier in the day. She tried to remember who Caleb was. He was kind of a slobby looking boy, if she recalled correctly. Also, he seemed to insult people on a regular basis. Another possible case of provocation of some sort? Maybe he baited Kimiko somehow, which led to her killing him. However, if they were in a relationship of some sort, as Danya suggested, how and why could it happen? Maybe, again, you could just never trust anyone regardless of what your relationship was before.

Did that mean it was a good idea to stay with the group?

Jennifer shook that thought out of her head.

“Hey, Clarice…”

Again, Jennifer was at a loss. Sometimes, connecting with others was difficult. Her social skills weren’t the worst by far, and she wasn’t unemphatic. It was just that when it came to comforting people, especially in situations like this, she had no idea how to broach it. She remembered when she talked to Bart at the museum, about his health problems. He’d picked up on what she was thinking, that she didn’t like the way he smelled. It wasn’t the first time she didn’t know what the correct thing to say to someone was, and it wasn’t the last.

Sometimes, though, things were easier with information. It was a reason why she wanted to become a journalist. It was easy to come to conclusions based off vague details and emotions. But the more facts you knew about a situation, the easier it was to knowing the truth and making a good interpretation. Some part of her wanted to tell people the truth, to help them understand those facts. Some naïve part of her, one that could even still exist, had dreamed of finding some cover-up or conspiracy, and expose it to the world. She guessed that facts made things easier.

And right now, it was a fact that Clarice had a dazed look on her face.

Sometimes a simple question helped to get more facts.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Jennifer really needed a cup of coffee. Maybe that would make her head more clear.

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