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((Melanie Beckett continued from Aluminum Bicycle Rods))

Mel was distracted, her hands in her jacket pockets, her offer to Aiden still unaccepted. She had brought it up once or twice as they traveled the past day, making light of it, slipping it amongst the jokes and other small talk she made with the others, but if he ever came around the offer was seriously still open.

Not that it mattered much, since they hadn't seen anyone. Maybe Serena's heart was more roundabout than she'd assumed.

That was making light of the situation again. It was natural, what she wanted to do. The repetition that she was doing what she wanted was comforting, probably because she needed comforting, because Cameron was dead and Tessa was dead and she wasn't in the mood to question everything she'd done up to this point.

She could have made a difference there. By not leaving. By doing anything different - maybe if she'd gone nuts and stolen Cameron's pickaxe for kicks, things would have turned out differently. They'd have formed a lynch mob to get her; they'd have become fire forged friends in their mutual hatred for Melanie Beckett. Alessio and that camera would have fallen beneath their might, or... something. And she would have totally saved them. If only she hadn't left. If only she'd been more of a dick.

She made her guilt absurd, and maybe that made her feel a little better.

Serena wasn't doing great, either, and Mel had some inkling of who she meant by Al.

"Huh." Mel looked for something witty to say back. Didn't really find it. "So... your heart's telling you we're going on a joyride?"
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