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So neither Bridgette nor Bryony were looking for trouble. Nadia was content to let the girls pass by once she divulged her information. Both ladies were merely curious about who she's seen on the island. That shouldn't be so hard. Nadia hadn't seen too many killers or dangerous people, but it had also been a while since she had seen anyone who people could actually be looking for.

"Um, let me think," Nadia said.

"First day, I saw the Jasmine who died, Maxim, Jerry Fury, and Brendan Harte. I don't know where the latter three are anymore, but with the latter two, I could care less since one is a known killer and the other is crazy enough to become one.

"Uh, day two, there was Asuka and Toby, but Toby ran off with Jerry. Asuka was in the asylum last I checked. No idea if she's still there.

"Yesterday, the only living person I saw was that Scottish dickhead Will McKinley carting around his girlfriend's corpse like Faust or something. Since then, I haven't seen anyone. Mostly took to hiding under the bridge and waiting out the rain.

"Did I name anyone you were looking for?"
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