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"Nah, I didn't mean like... They were always crazy just-"

He stared at that pile of shit laying there. How careless he was, how fucking blank his face was. Like a goddamn robot, a Terminator.

"He wasn't crazy. He's as sane as you or me. Sane as anyone on this island. He knew what he was doin'. He just didn't care about it."

That- well that might've been the thing that disgusted him the most. This little motherfucker looked at him with a straight face. Lied right to him. No twitches, no signs of guilt, no irony whatsoever. He said it like he believed it, but he knew. Michael knew that Al knew what he did. He just didn't care.

Maria wanted him to talk. She was willing to cut him up to get him to-

"The fuck Maria?! Jeez, you're ice cold, y'know that?"

Michael had actually looked disgusted for a moment. It didn't take longer than that moment for him to start laughing.

"Hahahaeehehe! I almost got you there! Hahaha... Fuck nah, but seriously though, don't waste the effort on him. We ain't like those other creeps. Plus I got a better way of doin' it..."

He squatted by Al while Maria gave him a good tap to the ribs. He rummaged through Al's bag for a moment before grabbing out a bottle of water.

He faced Maria as he unscrewed the top from the bottle.

"Now, here's how you wake someone up!"

Michael placed his hand on where Al's forehead should be underneath the hoodie to hold him down. He started dumping the bottle on Al's face.

"Drrrrrrrrink up, motherfuckeeeeeeer!"
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