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Isabel gripped her weapons tighter as she heard the double doors gently and slowly creep open, the smell of the corpses in the following room flooding the area.

Whoever had just walked into the room with her was either being needlessly careful, or had figured out that someone was there, hiding in the darkness. A meager amount of light from the hallway outside entered the room, lighting it up to Isabel's darkness adjusted eyes. She held by the curtain, peeking through the gap between it and the wall dividing the shower stall she was in from the others around her. She just needed to wait for whoever to get a little bit closer...

A small bit of movement came from the darkness in front of her, before she saw a face pause just where she could see, unaware but nonetheless alert.


The dumb, mute, Taiwanese bitch that had stolen her best kill award. Arguably her main rival for the attention of the terrorists. The main threat to her own survival.

Trembling with rage, Isabel tossed the scarf she was wearing down into the corner, before she readied her weapons again. Kimiko probably thought that she was better than Isabel. That she was going to be the one to survive all of this and go home.

Isabel was going to make sure that this dumb bitch payed for her arrogance, her audacity.

Ripping the curtain open, Isabel lunged at Kimiko as a furious snarl escaped her lips.
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