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As always, once all the emotions came out the argument died down into nothing but awkward silence. It was how it always went. As if on queue an awkward apology followed from Irene. Trav always saw the scenario play out but had never been a part of it. He had never had a personal stake in it before either so that was also a different feeling. Every single time.

There was no point in him saying anything really. Everyone had said their piece and that was that.

Trav sighed and stood up, stretching his back and legs.

"I'm going to go for a walk. Stretch my legs." He missed out the part where he wanted to clean the discussion out of his mind.

He looked over the others as much as he wanted to just clear his thoughts he knew that just walking off by himself was stupid and selfish. At the same time, what he was about to do counted as pretty selfish.

"Cass, want to come with? Get some air?" After a small pause Trav added in an amendment. "Or anyone else, doesn't really matter." He shrugged and turned to head off down the corridor.

It wasn't like he was going anywhere though. He had left his pack in the room. He just didn't need to be in that room any more. He hoped Cass did take him up on his offer.

The truth was it did matter.
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