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Damn. That was fucked up.

Not that Blair fully bought what Caedyn was saying. Lying was like, 95% of what Caedyn did. She was a manipulator, through and through, and Blair knew that all too well.

Context? They knew each other well. They used to be friends, actually. Then they'd had some sort of tiff, a little thing. Caedyn had retaliated by spreading a rumor about Blair, something about her getting it on with some sleaze who hated her. Two birds with one stone or something, but that didn't matter. They'd been enemies ever since.

So with this whole crazy-Oskar-thing, Blair knew that Oskar killed Jane. The announcement had confirmed it, as far as she recalled. But for all she knew, Caedyn was involved. She was a potential threat. But worse than that was that Caedyn knew Blair's weakness. So Caedyn was all too aware that Blair absolutely HATED being wrong. She was so rarely wrong, and being unable to prove her point pissed her off to no end.

Blair didn't know how to argue with Caedyn right now. She felt her face go red, because as much as she instinctively wanted to disbelieve anything Caedyn said, she couldn't prove that she had lied. Hell, if it wasn't CAEDYN, she wouldn't even be sure herself.

So she stood there, face heating up, anger welling in her chest. She looked Caedyn over with her eyes, as if trying to spy some flaw in her story manifest on her body. "Wait." Blair said slowly, grasping at straws to change the subject, lessen the impact.

"Where the hell did you get booze?" She tried to sound accusatory, but it didn't really work. "Ugh, never mind. I need some, at this point." After mumbling that last sentence, Blair folded her arms and looked Rene. "I don't wanna stay here. You can come with me or not, but I'm going to find somewhere else to sleep for the night."

With that. Blair shot one last glance at Caedyn and walked out the way she came in.

((Blair Moore continued in Creeping Doom))
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